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Google Pixel 2 - Save a Ringtone. From a Home screen, touch and swipe up to display all apps. Tap Messages. From the Inbox, tap the message containing the ringtone. Touch and hold the area that surrounds the attachment box. Tap Save attachment. The sound file is saved to your Downloads folder. Oct 04,  · If you own a Google Pixel or Pixel XL, you may want to know how to download ringtones to the Pixel or Pixel XL. It’s important to know about the Pixel and Pixel XL ringtone downloads for free because you may want to to create a unique ringtones for a particular person when calling or an alarm that will remind you of a specific task. Just as we do with any new device, today we are bringing you the Google Pixel 2 Stock Ringtones and the Google Pixel 2 XL Stock Ringtones. Check out our full Ringtones collection. Recommended | Download OnePlus 5 Ringtones, Notification Tones and Alarm Tones. Tips on how to change the Google Pixel 2 ring tone. Set the ringtone of Google Pixel 2 is a relatively basic procedure. You will first need to go to the Google Pixel 2 settings menu. When you are there, go to the Sound tab, and then tap Cellphone Ringtone. When you are there, you will find the ringtones that are currently present on the. Part 1: Google Pixel Ringtones Free Download from Free Ringtone Download Website. As for settling the issue of getting Google ringtone download free, ringtone download website is a good choice for you to make. Actually, there are numerous websites for you to apply to make it but few of them add too many limitations to download a single ringtone/5().

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Oct 11,  · I've seen this before on older phones, but can't say that I've checked on my Pixel 2 XL -- if you add a custom ringtone and select it for use, then delete that custom ringtone file from the /Ringtones directory, the tone can still remain in the selection screen. If you want to set download ringtone or song as Pixel 3a & 3a XL, you need to use file explorer to set third party ringtone in your device. Follow below given step by step process to get ringtones on my Google Pixel 3a XL and Pixel 3a. Oct 14,  · Step 1 – Download Preferably, download this file straight to your phone where you want to apply the new ringtones otherwise you would have to transfer them from your computer. Step 2 – Download and install free RAR client that lets you unzip files. Dec 20,  · Download Google Pixel 2/ Pixel 2 XL Stock Ringtones: Cheer up pixel lovers because Google has launched the new Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL. The new Pixel 2 is loaded with some amazing things of best quality. As the Google said it has a 5-inch Cinematic mm full-HD (×) display and the Pixel 2 XL includes a 6-inch QHD+ ( x ) P-OLED at ppi.

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