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Sep 07,  · Dropbox offers 5GB free space. Once space is occupied, you need to either delete your data or simply save your data on your other devices. Here is how to download your data, especially photos from Dropbox to iPhone, iPad, or Jignesh Padhiyar. Jun 27,  · How to download photos from Dropbox to your Mac. Go to the Dropbox website 2, Log into your Dropbox account if you haven't already. Click photo you want to download to your Mac. Depending on how you have set up your Dropbox, you may need to go through some folders. Command - Click or Right Click on the Luke Filipowicz. DropBox offers 2GB free storage space. It is not possible to use the website to download an entire folder which is over 1GB but Dropbox allows you to download the entire photo folder from the Dropbox website. It allows you to download photos, videos and file from the Dropbox website with simple steps. But, it is not possible to download an entire photo album from Dropbox website which is over 1 GB or that has over 10, files. To download an entire photo album, you can use Dropbox Desktop Application. Apr 19,  · Mac Photos to Dropbox: a reader asks Hi Chris, I recently switched from Windows to a Mac. I’m having trouble working with photos. On the PC when I plugged in my camera, all my photos got put into My Pictures.

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There are several photos on my dropbox that doesn't show in my dropbox-app for my pc but I have a lot of old pictures there and I don't want to delete them, only remove them from dropbox and keep them on my computer. I have approximately recent photos(on my phone) that I can't save on my dropbox because I don't have enough space.

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