how to download google maps on sd card

Aug 09,  · Google Maps for Android lets you save maps to an SD card. you can load maps directly to an SD card if you have one. As Google points out, Author: Steve Dent. Saving Google Maps to an SD card will save you time, data, and money. Jam Kotenko — Users have been able to download offline areas on Maps for quite some time, but with the latest update Author: Jam Kotenko. Mar 10,  · The current google maps caches map data, when you're on wifi it will download your surrounding area. Or if you use Maps and go to another city it will store the map data you're looking at. I don't believe it is temporary, my maps cache is currently . Then select SD Card for download. Then choose Offline Maps, select your own, select map area, and tap Download. Message "Can't connect. Try again when you are online". (Other apps continue to work over WiFi.) When I go back to main Maps menu to again choose Offline Maps, the Option to select your own map is not displayed.

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