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Jun 15,  · Can I download a 3DS ROM, put it on an SD card, and run it through a 3DS? I own Pokemon X but the game is corrupted and won't register when I plug it in to an DS If I download a ROM for Pokemon X and move it on to an SD card, can I play Pokemon without the actual game cartridge?Followers: 1. How do you download Nintendo 3DS games to an SD card? Update Cancel. No Answers Yet. Answer Wiki. Related Questions. Nintendo 3DS: Can I just copy the downloaded games to another, bigger SD card for use in the same console? Where can you download 3DS ROMs? Can I use an SD card for my 3DS? Apr 14,  · Download ds/3ds roms to sd card on New 3ds/2ds xl/3ds directly? No,you can’t, the 3ds or new 3ds xl or new 2ds sd card itself, they can’t hack or jailbreak our consoles. Only after you install some software like a 3ds CFW to it, it can be used to crack the Nintendo 3ds system handheld to play some downloaded CIA roms. Sep 10,  · It is a WIP project that allows people to play their Nintendo DS Homebrew & ROMs on a Nintendo DSi or on a Nintendo 3DS natively using an SD card without using a flashcart or an emulator. Even though compatibility isn’t perfect yet, it can still play a handful of games. Reformat the 3DS sd card to FAT32 so that it can be used on 3DS console. The format tool applies to 2GB SD cards, 32GB SDHC cards, 64GB SDXC cards of Kingston, Samsung, SanDisk, Toshiba, etc.

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Sep 16,  · To answer your exact question, No. The Nintendo 3DS has a SD card slot but you can't store games downloaded from internet on the default SD card which is used to store content/demos downloaded from the eshop. However, you can find Flash Cards on.

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