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How to Block Kids From Downloading Apps Onto an Android. Before you know it, your bank account is dwindling, and your Android device is full -- possibly not only with games but with apps that feature adult or other content you don't want your child to view. Don't let this happen to you. Add password protection to the Google Play Store app on your. Sep 01,  · I use an app locker to stop my daughter from getting into the market and download anything. In order for the market to open she needs my pin number to unlock it. She's used to an iphone where it asks for a password and will look thru the apps in the apple store and ask if . Apr 05,  · Lock the Play Store app with App Locker. Disable install third party apps in the Settings. You can't do much more than that. It is far from watertight. As long as the device has network access it can be messed with. For instance using the free app AndroidLost. There is a super easy and free way to block websites in Firefox on Android, using the free add-ons, since Firefox allows users to add plugins to its browser. Open your Firefox app on your Android /5. Jan 24,  · This app would give you a brief idea on How to Block Unwanted Downloads and how to stop automatic downloads by apps on Android. Later you can uninstall the app that you see risky to your privacy from your smartphone to be Mukesh Chauhan.

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Mar 24,  · Google app filter is useless. u can still download free sex apps. pointless and social irresponsible Google to provide and app that u can't block and can't delete. Reply Intel · 5 years ago. Dec 31,  · How do I stop certain apps from being installed eg. Kik, snapchat without having to block them just based on their rating as this will block other apps as well that have the same rating. So go to Settings → Apps → (three-dots line → Show System) or (All Apps) → your market app → Disable. Second, disable the Package Installer system app. This provides the GUI for sideloading. So if you disable it and attempt to install an APK (through a file manager, by drive-by download. Sometimes the apps we download contains adwares which in returns gets other unwanted apps installed onto your device without your permission and brings pop up advertisements Prateek. Yes, but some app will download apk file and notify the user to install them, which is very popular for China android market. However it may be hard for parents to jugy whether this app should be install. My goal is to block all those installation. Thank for your reminder. – Tracholar Zuo Apr 19 '16 at

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