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Find out how to download games through Xbox Live, install games from disc to your Xbox Hard, Drive and manage your Xbox games. Find out how to download games through Xbox Live, install games from disc to your Xbox Hard Drive, and manage your Xbox games. Jul 07,  · Once upon a time, I had my own account on a friend's Xbox and I purchased and downloaded several games and items for that account. After he moved away, I didn't have access to an Xbox for several years. I recently got my very own brand new Xbox and had to figure out how to regain access to my old content that I purchased on my Author: Christy Kirwan. The Xbox allows users to download a large number of games and demos for free. Xbox Live has two types of accounts. Silver accounts are completely free and allow games and demos to be downloaded. Several full games, such as Aegis Wing and Dash of Destruction, are completely free. Demos are always free and available for almost every Xbox Feb 07,  · I seek advise to understand if XBox Live Gold games are free or do i need a subscription to play them. I had upgraded my console to the Xbox One X Battlefield V Special Edition a couple months back and I subscribed to 3 months XBox Live Gold which allows free downloads of games. I play both consoles now. Dec 24,  · Hello, I am trying to figure out if it is possible to transfer downloaded games and add-ons from one xbox to another. I've been reading in the forums and have seen that it is possible via: Xbox A - Owner Profile downloads the game - all profiles have access to the game. Xbox B - Owners profile is logged on and has full access to the game.

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Xbox Live® Marketplace on the Web is a web-based extension of the Games and Avatar Marketplaces on the Xbox console. This feature lets you search, browse, and purchase games, game add-ons, and avatar accessories while you are away from your console. After all the fantastic feedback we received for last week's list of free Xbox One games, we are delighted to bring you the full list of games that are currently free to download on the Xbox 5 out of 5 stars from reviews , 10/18/ EA SPORTS™ FIFA Nov 12,  · The New Xbox One Experience is finally here, and we're running a series of quick how-to guides for the uninitiated! In this guide, we'll be showing you how to Author: Jez Corden.

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