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Sep 06,  · Whatsapp is exactly megabytes to download. 1 gigabyte = megabytes. For the best android experience on a limited data plan, use WiFi wherever possible, shut your mobile data and background data off whenever possible to avoid apps running in the background and using data, avoid apps like Facebook and twitter (they're notorious for eating data) and if you use either one of Followers: 1. Apr 16,  · WhatsApp is one of the few apps that I will gladly pay for when the beta period is over, but how much data does it use? I have done some experimentation over this weekend and have published the results in the attached calculator. Click here to download the calculator: HTT’s WhatsApp . Dec 14,  · Depends upon your usage and data you are getting. If some of your friend just sent you 10gb of videos in the bulk at mid night. Then till the time you wake up you will end up with a exhausted battery and Web plan. If you are asking how much band. Jan 09,  · But, we tried to use a couple of apps to check the data consumption on Jio 4G, Airtel 4G and Tata Docomo 3G to see how much data is used per minute of the WhatsApp call and how does . Jul 15,  · how much data does whatsapp use. Posted on July 15, help make sure that Google Music doesn’t use even more data by checking the settings to make sure that it’s set to download only on Wi-Fi. This way, if the app decides that some tracks should be cached locally, or you select some, it will only pull them down on Wi-Fi.

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Dec 02,  · I was planning to get a smartphone (most likely a Blackberry) some time soon. In addition to that, I plan on purchasing the WhatsApp messenger app. So I was wondering how much data does WhatsApp messenger runs on since I'm trying to decide if I should get a MG or 2GB data packaging plan? The main use of the phone would be to use BBM and slicelive.comers: 4. Apr 01,  · Hi everyone, WhatsApp on my is Showing as whopping +MB. I know the reason But unable to find the solution😞 Reason is 'When audio files were getting saved in Application memory itself when they were received, actually,when it was updated,those audio files should have been moved and saved on SD, but that didn't happen (I know,there should have been a technical difficulties).

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