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How Many GB Is a Movie? The amount of space taken up by a movie depends on various factors, such as the movie's length, resolution and encoding. Estimates of the space used by a movie vary between 1/3 of a gigabyte to upwards of 7 gigabytes. Jun 10,  · how many GB is the average movie. This basically depends on how you encode your own content or what you normally buy. My content tends to range from MBs for original 5th Generation iPod files to GBs for an HD encoding of Avatar for playback comparisons on different devices/monitors. Aug 04,  · The critical question is what type of compression is being used. Uncompressed x HD video is approximately gigabits/second. A bit uncompressed recording would take up just over TB. A high-end post-production codec like ProRe. Jul 01,  · Question: Q: how many gigs is an average movie. Looking to start downloading movies. On average how many gigabytes is a movie and is there any recommendations out there for a good ripping software to put DVD's and movies onto SD cards for regular PC or thumb drives? On average how many gigabytes is a movie. SD moves are 1 to 2 GB. HD movies. Average movie (2 hours) is about GB If you right click on the song or video and go to properties it should tell you its size. share: If you have a pc: Download window's movie maker.

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Jan 11,  · I'd like to download a movie (about hrs long) from a website and want to put it on a flash drive that holds 1 GB. How many GB is a normal downloaded movie? I'd like to download a movie (about hrs long) from a website and want to put it on a Status: Open. Jun 23,  · How much gb of usage does a movie download take up? your 8GB is including browsing and downloading. so if you download a 1GB movie, you will have 7GB left @ 4mbps. however, downloading a 1GB movie doesn't mean you will only use 1GB. you will actually use more based on the transfer requests. so don't assume you can download 8 1GB movies at Status: Open. Nov 05,  · How many movies can fit in a 32 GB iPad. I have Bought the iPad 3rd Generation 32GB Wifi+ Cellular, just wanted to know how many movies can fit on this, the type of movies I watch are about 3 HR Length long.

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