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No it does not. Lord of the Rings Online (LOTRO) does not have any viruses or spyware on it. Assuming you download it from the official website, it's a totally safe game to download and play. Nov 06,  · Hello, I'm interested in trying lotro but the game is taking a very long time to download, going on 8 hours now. Did test my speed to and my. May 02,  · All these answers are absolutely incorrect. The LOTRO client has simply extreme overhead It means that is either bad written or written well to throttle link to their servers and show to user how hard it progresses. First, it does not download all at once. It shows linear download progress for each file(s), but its only a fake show for user. Jul 23,  · How long does the download take when you purchase the digital copy of the game? Just wondering if I should be prepared for a long wait since EQ2 took like two days to download, ugh. User Info: lethalbydefault. lethalbydefault 9 years ago #2. yeah. it can take quite a slicelive.coming System: PC, MAC. Jul 19,  · The issue of long download/patch times is similarly related to the technology in the Launcher -- i.e. how the Patch is downloaded, uncompressed, decrypted and then applied. Howefver, this does relate to your system hardware - especially your disk drives -- a SSD can speed things up.

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Sep 16,  · How long does it take Lord of the Rings Online to download? Its been downloading for two hours. Its the High Resolution version. Follow. 4 i play lotro and have friends who play it. Anonymous · 9 years ago. 0. Thumbs up. 0. Thumbs down. Report Abuse. How long does lord of the rings online take to download for full game?Status: Open. Apr 09,  · How long does it take to reboot a machine? but they wont even give a rough estimate on download sizes after an update; I really need this info on my work connection, which has a tiny monthly allowance - and they still wont do it. I had to make complete copies of my lotro folder and take them into work, as I had no clue how big the next. This "patch" frequently takes longer than the original download, as it includes both Expansions (Update 8 - Riders of Rohan; and Update 12 - Helm's Deep) as well as the various updates along the way. The Steam download of LOTRO of the Mac Client for LOTRO requires roughly 20GB of disk space. Jul 07,  · I tried to install Lotro (lord of the ring online) but it takes almost a day if not more!! How can I fix this I got gb free and the game is only 7, gb!?!? Mine kbps is like 77 how can I make this higher.. I was at my friends house his was at like + And had much less gbs HELP ME PLZ I JUST WANA PLAY SOME LOTRO:(> tyStatus: Open. Aug 16,  · The Road to Mordor: Has LotRO grown too big for its own good? Justin Olivetti. not to mention considering how long it might take to do meaningful content with those who have been Author: Justin Olivetti.

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Oct 30,  · windows (How long does it take to download) I have windows 8 and was trying to download After 2 hours only about 1/10 of the download was done. I cancelled the process thinking it might have stopped. Does is really take hours to download? I have a new Toshiba satellite ultrabook.

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