how do i download podcasts to my ipod

I've plugged in my iPod and booted up iTunes, but it won't sync them. It's synched my newest music, but it won't download the podcasts when I click Sync. How do I get them on to my iPod? Edit: I tried ticking the podcasts then syncing the iPod with "only ticked songs", but that just removed most of my iPod's library and didn't add the podcasts. ITunes has a large library of podcasts grouped in episodes you can download to your iPod Nano. Podcasts generally follow a radio-show format and come in a variety of genres. When you download. Mar 25,  · Question: Q: How to download podcasts to ipod. Hello, I'm having some trouble downloading a podcast from the itunes store to my ipod. I am subscribed to the podcast but I would like to use my ipod instead of streaming it. I am viewing the podcast in the store, and clicking the "get" button isn't downloading the podcast. May 02,  · Find a show that you like in Apple Podcasts. Tap it to go to the show's info page. Tap Subscribe. Now, new episodes automatically download 3 for free and you'll get a notification 4 as they become available. If you stop listening to a show for a while, . Part 1: How to Download Podcasts to iPod via Podcasts App. Apple devices are often pre-installed with Podcasts app at the very beginning. This iPod podcast downloader is typical for providing users with different kinds of interesting podcasts and allowing users /5().

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