how do i download podcasts to my iphone

Jan 19,  · Podcasts have become a cultural staple. Here's how to download podcasts and listen to them on your Android or iOS device. We highlight the best podcast apps you can use on Android or Author: Mark Jansen. May 02,  · Cellular Data: Control whether Apple Podcasts can stream shows while your iPhone or iPad uses cellular data. Download Episodes: Control whether new or unplayed episodes get downloaded to your device. On a podcast’s product page, you can also control settings specific to that show by tapping more, and then tapping settings. Nov 26,  · A lot of the time, your iPhone won’t download podcasts because it’s not connected to Wi-Fi. Many of the troubleshooting steps in this article will help you diagnose Wi-Fi related problems, but later on we’ll also address other reasons why Podcasts may not be downloading on your iPhone. How to Listen to Podcasts on iPhone without Using Data 1. Top 3 Websites to Download Podcasts for Free. In the event you find yourself in a place where you have access to data on your iPhone or a wireless connection and you happen to be craving for some podcast episode.

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