how do i download podcasts on my android

Aug 12,  · How to Listen to Podcasts on Android. This wikiHow teaches you how to subscribe to a podcast channel and listen to an episode, using Android. You can listen to podcasts on Google Play Music in the United States, or use the Podcast Player Views: 25K. Jul 19,  · Gail writes: I used to love listening to podcasts on my old iPhone, but it died after I dropped it in a pool. Now I have a new Android phone (the Infuse), but it doesn’t work with iTunes, and I have no clue how to transfer my favorite podcasts to my new phone. Help! Hi [ ]. Jun 09,  · More and more people like listening podcasts for some reason such as relaxing their eyes, saving time by listening to podcasts while doing other things and so on. If you are a new starter and an Android user, you may need to read this article and learn how to download podcasts on Android. What is. It will download your podcasts over USB/WiFi/Mac/PC. I've also added some specific podcast features like bookmark syncing, which work in combination with my other app, Rocket Player, so that you can listen to half a podcast on your computer and the other half while you are on the road. Just a .

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