how do i check my downloads on ps3

If the PS3™ system is turned off during a background download, the download status is saved. Downloading is automatically restarted the next time the PS3™ system is turned on and connected to the Internet. A background download will be temporarily stopped when any of . Where is my download list ps3. Ask Question 2. This may be a stupid question, but, when i claim a game in Ps PLus and go trough the checkup process the games are added to my dowload list, but, where exatly is the download list:) Check download progress while away. 1. Where have all the downloads gone? Hot Network Questions What impact. Nov 16,  · It shows things like apps and games from the store on the library. I was looking for an add on, the Free Fall map for ghosts. I checked my PS3 and Operating System: PS4. Aug 07,  · Yes I know this but there's a lot of games that do work on PS4. Another reason is I bought a Vita and a lot of the PS3 games work on it. I have to check every game on the store to see if I've. My PlayStation.

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