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Mar 14,  · Question: Q: I can't download pics to my PC from iphone 6s! Agreed I have searched for months with no answers on why all of a sudden after years my PC doesn't see my most recent photos to download. I've about had it and think on my next upgrade I am dumping my Apple. Up until I loved this phone. More Less. Sep 26,  · Transfer pictures from computer to iPhone. Once you have figured out what picture files you want to display on your iPhone, you can start to transfer photos from computer to iPhone. There are three means for you to sync photos to iPhone with ease: The first way you adopt is directly drag the selected files from your PC to your iPhone. May 08,  · Yesterday, I connected my iPhone 5 to my Dell PC to download photos. I have photos on my phone from Jan through September (along with many previous years photos.) I backup my photos to my PC and to an external hard drive every few months. Jul 01,  · How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to PC. This wikiHow teaches you how to transfer photos from your iPhone to a Windows PC. You can import the photos and videos using the Windows 10 Photos app, or you import them directly to a folder on Views: K. How do I download photos from my iPhone? Ask Question 9. I find Tried it with limited success: It only supports photos, not videos, and the "ZIP download" requires me to manually check a box for each relevant photo - so I'd have to click checkboxes and still miss the videos. And it will only COPY the pics, not MOVE them (and there's no.

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Jul 14,  · I cannot download pictures from my iphone to my PC. The PC recognizes itunes and syncs with the iphone. However, the pc does not recognize the iphone as an external device (i.e. camera). Therefore, I do not see the iphone under the computer as a device options.

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