how can i download netflix on my mac

Oct 18,  · Mac users can access Netflix using a Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, or Safari browser. If you’re now puzzled because you’ve found websites that clearly state that you can download Netflix on Mac, you have every right to be. So, can you download Netflix on . A device that supports Netflix. However, not all devices that can run Netflix offer the ability to download video. For this article, we'll focus on downloading Netflix to the iPad and the Mac. A movie or TV show that has a download option. Most items that you can watch on Netflix allow this, but not all of them do. When a title you have downloaded is no longer available on Netflix, the download will expire and you will not be able to play it. See our Help Center for more information on why downloads expire and how to renew downloads. Can I still watch my downloads if I close my account?. You don't. Netflix doesn't have an app for computers, you watch in your web browser by going to netflix Watch TV Shows Online, Watch Movies Online and signing in. To sign out of the Netflix account on your Mac computer, follow the steps below. From your preferred browser, visit From the Netflix home screen, hover over your profile name in the upper right corner of the page. Select Sign out of Netflix. You are now signed out of your Netflix account.

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