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Aug 26,  · Unofficial Patch Plus, UP+ or UPP for short, is the premier compilation of supplementary bug-fixes for Fallout: New Vegas, which are not included in Yukichigai Unofficial Patch for one reason or another. Mostly this is because the fixes require NVSE, and YUP follows a philosophy that it should only require the official game and nothing else. The Fallout: New Vegas patch (PC) or (PlayStation 3) was released on July 6, for the PS3 version of the game and July 7 for the PC version. Patch (Xbox ) was also released on . To delete the patch, go to system setting → memory → primary storage device → games → Fallout: New Vegas, and delete "Fallout: New Vegas title update #4". When you start up the game again, you will be told that there is an update to the game. Another update has gone live for the PC version of Fallout: New Vegas. Patch will download automatically when you start Steam. The patch fixes many bugs, including save file corruption and Author: Pete Haas.

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