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I have always loved fried rice. I could probably eat an entire bowl. The great thing about this recipe is that you can add whatever you would like! I have added bacon, chicken, and ham. It is the perfect fried rice base and they say the secret ingredient to get the . If you are satisfied with the taste then add the green pepper, stir, add the almost-done white rice, stir, cover your pot and cook for 5 to 10 minutes, you are done with fried rice. Serve with the fried or grilled meat (chicken, beef etc.) Video On Making Nigerian Fried Rice. Sep 01,  · The BEST Fried Rice perfect to curb that Chinese Restaurant takeout craving. Super easy recipe to make at home in 15 minutes on the stove. Plus just a few secret ingredients and tips to make it better than the local takeout restaurant. With step-by 5/5(1). Frequently Asked Questions About the Nigerian Fried Rice. Q1. While cooking the Nigerian fried rice, why did you fry the rice in batches? A1: Frying the rice is what actually gave it the name ”Fried Rice”, so to make sure that all the grains get fried equally, it is best to fry in small batches.

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