download spotify playlist to gear fit 2 pro

Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro, Spotify Version: Boost Software License- Version I was able to download a playlist on my gear fit 2 pro. When I added songs to the playlist on the desktop program (gac7a8e02), the gear fit Pro asked if I would like to update the playlist. When you're working out, the last thing you want to do is stop to change your playlist. Well, if you have a Samsung smart watch or fitness band, you can learn how to control and listen to Spotify right from your wrist. All you need is a connected phone with a Spotify account. The Tizen Spotify app for the Gear Fit 2 Pro is incredibly broken. The first playlist download works perfectly. However any subsequent updates to the playlist will fail to sync correctly to the watch. 0 Likes Re: Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro Unable to Sync Offline Playlist Correctly.

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