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Apr 17,  · MySql and Visual Studio Integration. while generating the model from database, sometimes the EF wizard might hang. To avoid this, if you open & retrieve data from a table inside Visual Studio, this problem generally goes away. Download and install visual studio Download and install mysql-installer-community Download. Jun 04,  · I was using Visual Studio Preview but I couldn't find MySQL database in the "choose data source" dialog window, I even installed the latest version of MySQL connector as well as the windows MySQL installer (to get MySQL plugin for visual studio) but nothing changed, I had to get back to VS Ultimate, I just wanted to know if there is a special MySQL connector for the Preview . Mar 19,  · Missing References Visual Studio must install Mysql connector net. this video use Mysql connector net Download Connector/NET MySQL open source software is provided Connector/NET is a fully-managed driver for MySQL. MySQL Connector/NET is compatible with all MySQL versions starting with MySQL Additionally, MySQL Connector/NET supports the new X DevAPI for development with MySQL Server Oct 27,  · Installing SQL Server Data Tools - Business Intelligence for Visual Studio also installs the following, if they are not already installed on the computer: Framework ; Microsoft Visual Studio Shell (Isolated) Redistributable Package; Microsoft Visual Studio Shell (Integrated) Redistributable Package.

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