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Does Facebook notify somebody if I save one of their picture Related Help Center FAQs; What happens when I report something to Facebook? Does the p What information does Facebook get when I visit a site with Does Facebook receive cookie information when I visit a site How do I delete a Facebook profile picture? Aug 23,  · Do people get a notification if you download pictures off their facebook album? Thread starter jerry; Start date Aug 23, ; Did you download them from the website? If so then you are fine as long as you didn't download from the mobile app. it'll send them a notification if you stay on any one picture for longer than 30 seconds. Mar 31,  · Yes, Face book keeps a record of that and other embarrassing things you do. In the coming year, they are going to release everyone's names who do this and the FBI already has you on a list. This has been an ongoing problem because people mostly do. You must log in to continue. Log into Facebook. Log In.

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