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I cant say for sure, but . I did the same as you with sims after installing and activating sims 4 I tried to put it on another pc. it told me i had to sign in, but origin was signed in on computer 1. when i tried to close origin to sign it into computer 2 it wanted me to close the sims on pc 1. so it seems its not truely offline. you still have to be logged into origin as far as i can. I know this game is expensive and if you're on a budget, you can't afford to buy it multiple times but if you think about it, most real life stuff works the same way. Can I use my sim 4 key on more than one computer. Options. Mark as New; October Hi! I have a question. Do I have to start a new game everytime I download Sims 4 on a. Sep 03,  · Yes, if you have it connected to your origin account, you can then sign in, download and install it, and then select go offline and play it in offline mode on one of the computers, or when you sign in on the second computer it will bump them into offline mode, but they will still be able to slicelive.coming System: PC, MAC, PS4, XONE. Nov 27,  · Can I download Sims 4 on multiple computer? I recently bought sims 4 and I want to download it to my computer but I may be getting a new computer for Christmas. Can I still downloaded it to my new computer and play online still? Thanks. Follow. 2 answers 2. Report Open. Apr 01,  · Let it reach 1%, then pause the download and exit Origin. Navigate to the your Origin Games folder, and there should now be a Sims 4 folder that was created when you began the download. Plug in your thumbdrive, and copy your full "Sims 4" game folder from your thumbdrive to your Origin Games folder, copying over anything if it asks.

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Sep 23,  · Origin allows you to download the game on as many computers as you wish, as many times as you wish. You can only be connected in one computer although, which practically means you can only play any of the games in your origin account in one computer is to prevent you from sharing your account with other people, but from what I understand it does not affect your . technically the correct answer is, no.. it is suppose to be one install per copy.. BUT really.. 1) you can easily buy the game and two expansions, for example get ambitions and world adventures, install the game, then ambitions, and then world adventures last on one computer.. and on the other install the game, then world adventures, then ambitions. Oct 24,  · No need to repurchase either game. They should show up in Origin, ready for download, when you reinstall Origin. Yes, you can transfer old save games and whatnot as long as you have both your Sims 3 folder and Sims 4 folders saved. Back these folders to a save place like a usb memory stick. So you can move them over to your new computer.

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