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Nov 30,  · Best Answer: as of current, no, but google has stated on a tweet before that when the the console is a bit more "Finalized" Software wise (aka os doesnt use so much ram) The they will consider itStatus: Open. May 22,  · No, you just can't use Chrome or Silverlight through your Xbox. And this is even if you link the console to a PC. Yes you can install ChromeOS on non ChromeOS hardware. Essentially, you install ChromiumOS, then use a modified recovery image to install ChromeOS. Dec 10,  · New Edge browser will support Chrome extensions and come to Xbox One. Maggie Tillman People have often made jokes about how the only purpose of Edge is to download Google Chrome on a new PC Founded: Feb 19, Google should've submitted the full MSI. Except this wouldn't have been allowed either since Chrome uses its own rendering engine and that violates the rules too. The only way we'd actually see Chrome in the store is if the rules change or Chrome is modified to use EdgeHTML.

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If you can't see the My Account page, you may have to upgrade your Internet browser or operating system. Solution 1: Make sure you're using a compatible browser. The latest versions of Firefox, Chrome, and Internet Explorer all work fine with the My Account page. If you're using one of these browsers, make sure you're using the latest version.

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