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This Post is about Adobe Flash Player for iOS Download, the related applications of Adobe Flash Player for iPad are listed below SHAREit for iPad is a transfer tool for sharing files without any internet. Nov 27,  · Adobe Flash Player for iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch. To play web Flash videos or games, you can use a Flash player browser for iPhone or iPad to watch Flash content on your iOS devices, or you can download and convert Flash to the iOS devices compatible videos. Adobe Flash is not supported on iOS devices, including the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. In fact, Apple has never supported Flash for the iPad. Steve Jobs famously wrote a detailed white paper on why Apple would not support Adobe Flash. His reasons included Flash's poor battery performance and numerous bugs that could cause the device to crash. Feb 13,  · As explained countless times in hundreds of threads: There is no Flash player for iOS. Adobe never developed it. One can still download a version of Flash player to an Android phone, but Adobe is no longer developing Flash for ANY mobile device. Will Adobe Flash Player be used in the future? With the removal and limited ability to view Flash content on iOS devices, the industry has shifted its interest from Flash and moved to other web.

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Apr 11,  · iVan iPad Ninja. Apple is refusing to allow Flash to run on the iPad for security reasons. They want Flash off the web to be replaced by HTML5. It looks like a tiff between Adobe and Apple. And it's turning to Apple haters against Apple users. At this point, all sites using Flash will not show on the iPad properly and there's no solution. An innovative iPhone hacker figured out that Adobe flash player can actually be installed in iPhone and iPad devices. This could be a hard hitting matter for Apple, but yet a simple trick can let flash player access your device. Jan 28,  · Best Answer: Hi, unfortunately you can't download Adobe Flash Player on the iPad. The iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch do not support Adobe Flash. However, there are some ways around it. If you need it only for Flash Videos, try downloading the Skyfire Web Browser ($5) which let's you view flash videos (no Hulu Followers: 6.

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