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May 31,  · Want to use Whatsapp without a SIM card on your smartphone or tablet. We will tell you two ways you can do that right John Callaham. How to install WhatsApp on devices without a SIM card – Blog – You can use WhatsApp on a device without a SIM card, and consequently a telephone number. All you need to set it up is five spare minutes and two devices – one that Author: Raúl Rosso. Aug 17,  · Open WhatsApp with the phone that has a SIM card, then go to the settings in the top right corner, choose ‘WhatsApp Web’ and scan the QR code on the SIM-less device. It will now show all your conversations and contacts on the device without a Author: Kavita Iyer. Download WhatsApp messenger for Samsung Galaxy or Bada or Java or Ace Champ Star/Duos.. Use WhatsApp Without Mobile Number or Without SIM Card. If your respective device doesn’t support to have a SIM card, Don’t worry but make sure that your device must support internet connection with using any kind of cable or Wi-Fi connection. Jan 08,  · Step Enter the verification code in WhatsApp and Finish the Setup. Now you can now start using WhatsApp on your device. If the above method did not work out for you, try the second method to use WhatsApp without phone number. 2. Verify WhatsApp Without Sim Card via Landline. Follow the steps to verify WhatsApp via your home phone/landline.

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Nov 05,  · Activate WhatsApp without SIM: How to use whatsapp without phone number or sim card. Download and install whatsapp without mobile number. Install Whatsapp without number verification with 6 digit code generator for Whatsapp verification. Now, whatsapp doesn't need a SIM number, you've whatsapp without SIM. Jan 28,  · Wondering if you can use WhatsApp without phone number or SIM card? Well, the answer is YES. There is a trick to use WhatsApp without SIM or phone number. Read the article for step-by-step guide. WhatsApp is the lifeline of millions of people across the globe. Needless to say, it is the best and hence [ ]Author: Abhishek Garg. Apr 01,  · Using Bluestacks, you can download and install Whatsapp on your Windows PC. Once installed, you can use any phone number that you have to activate whatsapp. This is a . Jun 26,  · In this video I have explained how to use WhatsApp on tablet without SIM. Normally, you cannot install WhatsApp from Google Play Store, but I have . Aug 07,  · for PC you don’t need to download the app, there’s one web version you can use that one by visiting WhatsApp Web. But you must connect your other accounts to use whatsapp & you must stay online from mobile while you keep using on the PC.

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