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Download the MP4 Version of Your YouTube Videos Sign in to your YouTube account and click on your profile picture located top-right > Creator Studio. Go to the Video Manager section and select the desired video. The easiest way to download an individual YouTube video is through the Video Manager. While you are logged into YouTube, click your email address on the upper right and choose “Video . This might seem like a weird question, but I’m wondering if I can download copies of my own videos from my YouTube channel? The most recent ones I have on my computer too, of course, but I’m talking ones from months or even years ago. Aug 11,  · No, it’s not allowed. It is strictly prohibited. And regarding your explanatory comment, no, it isn’t ethically OK, either. Short answer: If you didn’t create it, you can’t post it as your own. Longer answer with supporting details (based on an an. The reason it’s because youtube just doesn’t allow it from your youtube account. To do so you will need to: 1. head to (google.

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Aug 09,  · INTERNET Users Can No Longer Download Videos From Youtube If you haven’t noticed it yet, all the youtube video downloading applications have stopped working. YouTube is a great medium for sharing your videos with friends, family or the world in general. However, if you want to post your videos elsewhere, you'll need to keep copies on your hard drive Author: Nicole Cozma. Sep 11,  · hey,i want to download my own videos on youtube,so how can i,i asked that before,and they thought i'm saying (how can i download vids FROM,anyway i hope you get what i slicelive.coms: 7. Jun 05,  · That said, sometimes, you really want or need to have one of those videos on your own computer or phone. Chances are, the minute you find an iOS app that can download YouTube videos Occupation: Features Editor. Jun 07,  · Yes you can download YOUTUBE videos easily you just need a supportive player who support the video downloading real player is one of the best player who support to download the YOUTUBE videos.

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