can downloading music cause viruses on my phone

If your smartphone has a virus, however, it can send you texts and emails that are disguised as messages from familiar contacts, which you'll probably open, exposing your phone to damage. Mobile antivirus protection software monitors your phone in real time to detect and stop any malicious material from infiltrating your Hailey Keller. May 31,  · I have bought a new phone and I want to download music in it so, I've got the app "simple mp3 downloader" but I'm not sure if downloading music via this app is safe or not. If someone has idea about it then please let me know because I want a clean phone without Open. Oct 18,  · before people said u can get viruses like my friend said it said there was a virus on his computer and i said thats not youtube it looked like it said youtube but it was called mytube so that was a clone site so u should type youtube dont go looking at stuff of clones of it because thats a sign of a hacking site and it can hack ur severs any min. so dont even get on the fake sites. because one Followers: 1. Jan 11,  · Will downloading music cause a virus on my computer? I dont have a virus protector on my new computer, and I downloaded some songs on my old computer from napster like five or six yeras ago, Eman is wrong, mp3s can contain viruses how you can bind a virus with a mp3 and keep it as a mp3 file, if you download any mp3s from frostwire Followers: 1. Sep 18,  · Is it possible to get a virus from a music download? Yes it is possible to get a virus from a downloading service. I've used WinMX which was great but I think they went out a business or got in trouble and closed. ipod? i kno if i have the songs if there was a virus i would have it on my computer and i could delete it but if ipods can.

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