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Premium Music Production Training; Music Theory Essentials; Mixing Academy Bundle; Science; Chord Magic; Melody Magic; Music Theory in a Day; FL Master’s Guide; Friday: Sinister Sounds from the Haunted Chambers of Hell; How to Mix Beats Easily; How to Mix Vocals Easily; Music Business Mastery; Computer Building Consultation Service Author: slicelive.com Click Here for the FULL Product Page Even after attending University level music courses, Music Theory still seemed complicated to me some years ago. I never understood why traditional schooling made things so complicated. One reason is because they used outdated sheet music and dead language. This past week, we gave y. it's almost as if playing an instrument helps music producers write good music. weird. you don't learn theory well in a day, or even a week. it's kind of something you feel out over a long period of time with experience. listen to lots of melodic music and study it.

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