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Play as Batman with the Season of Infamy: Most Wanted Expansion, featuring legendary super-villains invading Gotham City. In these story missions, The Dark Knight faces the most dangerous super criminals as chaos continues to erupt in the streets of Gotham. This pack includes 4 separate missions with all new story arcs featuring Ra’s Al Ghul, The Mad Hatter, Killer Croc and Mr. Freeze/5(2). May 25,  · Batman Arkham Knight PC Download Free. Past titles in the series have been created with adult players in mind but Batman: Arkham Knight takes it even further with an angry and do-whatever-it-takes approach of Batman. He will torcher, he will chase down unarmed criminals and he will roam the streets sometimes in tanks as well. It's available to buy now, and included in the Arkham Knight season pass. Season of Infamy introduces four new storylines featuring iconic Batman villains: Ra’s Al Ghul, Mr. Freeze, Killer Croc Author: Angus Morrison. Dec 22,  · The Season of Infamy is a Batman: Arkham Knight DLC released December 22, It includes 4 Missions with past villains: Mad Hatter (Jervis Tetch), Killer Croc (Waylon Jones), Mr. Freeze (Victor Fries), and Ra's al Ghul (Head of the Demon). December 22,

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